Norstedts italienska fick 1.2

Source:Norstedts Forlagsgrupp AB

Norstedts Pocket Italian Dictionary contains 32, 000 headwords and phrases. It is the perfect dictionary when you need a base vocabulary and want to find the right translation quickly. The dictionary contains modern general language words and phrases, with an emphasis on the needs of people out travelling.
As a help to non-Swedish users, inflections of Swedish nouns are given in the Swedish-Italian part.
As a complement, there is also a very useful section on phrases for different situations, like thanking people or dining at a restaurant. For Swedish users there are sections on Italian grammar and pronunciation, and for Italian users there are corresponding sections (in Italian) on Swedish grammar and pronunciation.

It’s easy to find your way with the digital map included.

Would you like to test your Italian and enlarge your vocabulary? You can do the quiz that is included, with word tests both from Swedish to Italian and Italian to Swedish.

The dictionary has been developed by Norstedts, the well-known Swedish publishers with a long tradition of quality dictionary publication.

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